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released May 14, 2016

Ted - Vocals
Matt B - Drums
Shane - Bass
Matt W - Guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered in late 2015/early 2016 at The Warren in Frostburg, Maryland.

Artwork by Jess Strayer.
Additional Layout by Matt Wojcik and Jack Thomas.



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Insane Power Frostburg, Maryland

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Track Name: No Embers
Conscious I come to the stream that I've been dreading. A crooked flow that follows into the empty cavern. There is no arsenal. There is no sustenance. There is no flattened space. There are no limbs to watch.
Just a lightless tomb clawed into the land. A dry and jagged mouth slack to hold the damned.
I won't hear my voice anymore. Dead to the weight of words. When I make a sound I want to silence myself.
A waste. A choice. Throw the switch at the dying echos.
I allow myself to hear a little and I only see what light can bring.
I take what I can. What a waste.
Who's breathing this life; what's making me: me?
Take it away. Give it back to the stream.
Track Name: Zugzwang
I emerge into air that tastes like chrome and I am carved and whittled of all my skin. I admit I am looking for You despite the mountainous calamity of written words that describe Your terrors. Trim the iris. Receiver cells divide up. When will You cut out my tongue and trim the iris? If I could see only the reflection of my nervous system in this uncanny valley of a lens-deep body.
Here I am far from the chittering drones but there is nowhere else to go.
Track Name: Agnatha of the Limited Plane
Constant pressure pins my shoulders to the sand. Another empty scene hidden from the shrieks. Somehow I'm not unseen and just passively scanned.
The sky calls in waves as sheets of metal swim and stalk. With Your control I ask: allow me one last walk. A final reminiscence. One more distorted image. Pretend I am pained and converse with the bones.
I'll be another death. Another body left and the final flesh. Fossilized by fear. An artifact deposit to the bank at the canyons base. Cast from the mold. Cast in matter. Cast the cast. Cast in cast.
Track Name: Internecine Calm
Return to the pillars of salt. Each joint yields to time. Whole husks of myself peeled to the muscle. I can't defend myself. Filled and poured out. A sieve of direction except for the pointing statues of beings I had names for once. This landmark is the memory of the fountain of youth. Another summary. Scrawled in blood above the entrance of Your factory. Return to the pillars of salt. Collapse in embrace. Whole husks of them crumble to dust. I could never defend myself. Filled and poured back out. This landmark is the memory of the land of youth. Another summary.
Track Name: Plasticity/Mimicry
I have been dreaming of this capture. Finally pinned. It feels like death that I was ever alive, but You and I will meet. Great progenitor of hollow bodies hewn of fiber optics and alloy. No need to spin the web or clamp down with indifference.
No teeth to struggle under.
Whenever it is, I go to You.
No teeth to struggle under.
Suspended by the grip for silent view. Suspended by the grip.
In final control of my consciousness I reach as far as I can.
The sick feeling of expression lashing to be known.
The glowing warmth and the empty pit of stomach. The feign of proximity. The length of the poison grasp.
Encased by the weight.
You end the cycle here.
The timeless evisceration of biological will.
Track Name: Disposable Soma, As Clear As Color
Now before You. A conjured mess of assembly line mastery. A deity of bellowing bowing voice, but I have nothing to beg for in response. At last stripped here.
I am already kneeling. Bow to the penultimate expression.
The final time blood will flow. Seeing a hand write in my dreams:
I hope to never write again. Unlistening thought discarded. Callow unaware attempts.
I hope another of me is not allowed to speak. Take the wires and let follow your history. There is nothing else to give. Desolate this timeline.

Don't let another like me make a sound.